Brose has a rather timid and reserved nature. He fears change of any kind/nature, which was why he refused to follow Horace to Paradise City but, instead, chose to stay back at Sergsdale, forcing Harvy to also stay back, as Thomas is the only one whom he opens up to and lets loose around. Brose also relies on Harvy to help him make advances at beautiful chicks he finds attractive. It’s been a couple of years since Mathew and Molly left with Horace and, like Thomas, Brose also misses the them and wishes to go join them at Paradise Circus, but he is so timid that he doesn’t know how to inform Thomas; he knows Thomas stayed back because of him and he doesn’t want to upset him by informing him that he has changed his mind, as that would imply that the whole time they spent after the others left was a waste.


    The five rhinos, two sets of siblings who also happens to be cousins, have been friends all their lives.  Mathew, Molly and Thomas are siblings, while Brose and Presley are also siblings. They have been together ever since their fathers, also siblings, were killed when they were very little. Horace got to meet them by a stroke of luck when he was still working for Hera in Sergsdale and, true to his kind nature, he cared for them like a guardian angel. However, when his time at Bannazon was up and he decided to leave Sergsdale to go start up a circus in Paradise City, he invited them to join him. Only Mathew and Molly agreed to leave with him. Brose and Thomas remained in Sergsdale while Presly decided to find his own path