Once known as Hana, she was a kind, lonely orphan who was often bullied and beaten by the other children at her orphanage.

    After years of this, and constantly being turned down by potential adoptive parents, Hana’s sadness and anger attracted an ancient and evil spirit to her called Aku. Aku was known in legend for destroying the souls of the most vulnerable and using their bodies as puppets.

    Aku, sensing Hana’s broken spirit, attempted to possess her and take over her body. However, Hana saw this as an opportunity and willfully allowed Aku to instead merge itself with her own soul.

    Not long after, she came to realize that she could now manifest a glow of deadly energy from her hands, which can steal the soul of anyone who comes into contact with it.

    She now terrorizes the town that broke her, taking revenge with the power of an evil spirit.
    Residents of the town call her “Yūrie kakūra ama” (or Yurie for short) meaning “disguised ghost” due to her unsuspecting and innocent appearance, but they know that Yurie the Ghost Girl is no longer the kind young girl she once was.