Vongore is a man of few words, preferring instead to engage in long and contemplative conversations with others. He has a deep appreciation for the darker side of nature, with a particular fondness for bats, spiders, snakes, and poisonous plants. Despite his macabre fascination, Vongore also enjoys more lighthearted activities such as bowling and croquet, as well as indulging in music and movies.

    When it comes to shopping for clothes, Vongore prefers to support local businesses by browsing thrift shops or garage sales. He finds that this not only makes the outfit more unique, but also adds an extra layer of thought and care into his personal style. In his free time, Vongore enjoys taking solitary walks through cemeteries, although he also enjoys the company of friends on occasion. Despite his quiet demeanor, Vongore has a great sense of humor and is generally easy to get along with. However, his tendency to sneak up on people can be unsettling for those who are not accustomed to his presence.

    Vongore has a unique fascination with dead animals, particularly skulls, but he always treats them with respect and reverence. He takes great pride in his spacious home, and loves nothing more than inviting friends over to admire the work he has put into it. Of all the rooms in his home, Vongore is especially proud of his poison room and the man-eating plants in the greenhouse wing. These exotic and dangerous plants represent the darker side of nature that Vongore finds so intriguing.