A group of five denizens, each with unique traits. They look nothing alike, but what they do have in common is their penchant for mischief. Arthur and Jeff were the first members of the squad; they were later joined by Kira, Jay and Graham, in that order. together, they live a secluded life on the outskirts of the city, only making appearance whenever they get bored or need to get supplies. they also own and manage garden and tree planting business known as Green Landscaping & Garden services, where they grow varieties of plants and trees, especially the delicate and endangered ones. The garden primarily belongs to Arthur, who had kept it for many years before being joined by the others.


He is the biggest and oldest member of the squad, with a green body and a wooden base for legs. While his looks might suggest otherwise, Arthur is the wisest member of the squad; he's been around for over a century, making him a father figure in the squad. Being around for so long has afforded Arthur a vast amount amount of knowledge and he appears to know something about everything. however, he now also gets irritated by a lot of things, a trait he suppresses by smoking cannabis several times during day. Arthur is not the most fun guy around; he would rather sit back and watch the world around him. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about Arthur is the fact that he can somehow communicate with trees and plants. He cares a lot about the squad, but he particularly has a soft spot for Kira.


He is somewhat the badass of the squad. well, versed in physical combat and the use of firearms and tactical weapons, he worked as a spy for a covert government division for a couple of years before calling it quits. Being a spy meant he did not have the time to get involved in relationships; but that's ok, he isn't one to fall in love anyway. Graham grew up with his little sister, Kira, in the city; their uncle, Jeff, took them to the garden occasionally. After their parents died in a tragic accident, Graham left the city and Kira was left all alone with Jeff. That was when he was recruited as a spy and assassin. After several years, he decided he was done with that life and wanted to be with his sister. He returned to the city only to find out that Kira and Jeff now live with Arthur in the garden. Arthur proposed that he move in with them, and he happily agreed, as he would do anything to close to sister. However, he only revealed his past life to Arthur and asked that he keeps it a secret from the rest of the squad, especially Kira.


Kira is the only female member of the squad; she looks wild on the outside, with a couple of tattoos and piercings on her face, her mere appearance might be enough to intimidate most boys. However, she is really a sweet girl on the inside, with a little bit of insecurity, because of her huge, non-functional wings which makes her different from other girls - the same wings Arthur keeps telling her other girls would kill to have. As a child, Kira enjoyed visiting the garden with her brother and uncle. She found the atmosphere soothing and comfortable, so when her parents died and Graham left, she jumped at her uncle's suggestion of moving into the garden with him.


The most mischievous of the lot is Jay. He has gotten the others in trouble several times and it doesn't look like that's going to change. Jay is also the fun guy in the squad and he always tries to cheer up the others whenever they're down. He enjoys going into the city even where there is no reason to; he also enjoys dancing a lot and was a member of a dance group before he moved into the garden shortly before the arrival of Graham. Jay hates it when the others treat him like a child and, sometimes, Graham does exactly that on purpose to get a reaction from him. Jay often plays silly pranks on Jeff and tries to convince him to use his powers for mischief.


Like any other gnome, Jeff is very small – the smallest member of the squad. He was responsible for taking care of Graham and Kira when their parents died. Jeff tries very hard to hide it and the other squad members pretend not to notice it, but he is actually very timid and hates leaving his comfort zone. He has a psychic ability that allows him to get into people’s minds – not the deepest parts though. Just enough to cheat at poker games and stuff like that. He can also attach his body parts back if they get detached from his body. However, this ability doesn’t make him immortal or invincible, as he gets weaker each time he fits himself back together.