The myth busters are a group
    of misfits whose only job is to investigate myths with the intention of exposing the ruse behind it. The members of the group are Klarc, Reak and Sati.
    The three friends who met while in college in Panamore, and they all shared a keen interest in myths and fact finding. One of them jokingly suggested one day that they should all drop out of college to be myth busters, causing them all to laugh. However, a few months later,  each of them individually decided to drop out of college and, taking that as a sign, they agreed to pursue the adventure of myth-busting.



    He is the most fearless member of the team and he often pushes the other two members into joining him to take risks, but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t get scared himself sometimes. Like the other members of the team, he is obsessed with chasing down myths around the world and proving that that’s all they are – myths. Klarc has a talent of using words to make people feel good about themselves, which in turn makes them tell him all kinds of stuff, including stuff they probably shouldn’t talk about. He always moves around with a weapon to defend himself, just in case things go south. As a special ability, Klarc can turn pumpkins into his servants and order them about, but this ability rarely comes in handy in their missions.



    Another member of the Myth Busters from Panamore who
    travels with his friends across the world, aiming to prove or disprove myths – most times, it’s the latter. Like Klarc, he also seems fearless, but what really pushes him is his curiosity. He is obsessed with getting to the bottom of every myth he hears about and he is addicted with the feeling of satisfaction
    that comes with it. However, he can be careless some times and his obsession sometimes pushes him to take stupid risks. Thankfully, his friends are always there to get him out of any silly situation he gets himself into.



    The only female in the team and understandably the timidest
    of all three. She is averse to taking risks and personally, she would prefer they suspend all myth bursting activities as soon as it starts getting dark. She eats a lot for someone her stature, so she always tries to take some snacks along with her wherever they go.