Meet Swade, a powerful shaman who dwells in a treacherous realm, far from the comforts of civilization. From a young age, Swade has devoted himself to the study of nature magic, specializing in the art of healing. Despite his reputation as a miracle worker, many remain skeptical of his incredible abilities.

    One fateful day, a skeptical scientist set out on a perilous journey to put Swade's powers to the test. Lost and alone in the heart of the jungle, the scientist soon found himself in mortal danger, hunted by a ferocious lion. Just when all hope seemed lost, Swade appeared on the scene to save him. Though Swade was no stranger to battling fierce creatures, this lion proved to be his most formidable foe yet. In the end, Swade triumphed over the lion, but not without a heavy cost: he lost his arm in the brutal fight.

    After Swade saved the skeptical scientist from certain death, the scientist was overwhelmed with gratitude. Determined to repay Swade's kindness, he set out to build a robotic arm for him. Though the arm could never replace his lost limb, it gave Swade newfound strength and dexterity that he never thought possible.

    Despite his physical setback, Swade never lost his passion for helping others with his healing magic. With his new robotic arm and a fierce determination, Swade continued to treat those in need. And to commemorate his most epic battle yet, he fashioned a stylish lion skin suit from the pelt of the ferocious beast that he had vanquished.