Ana is a renowned reporter back on Bannica who always goes out of her way to obtain and release even the best hidden information. Her looks aren’t her strong suit, but what she lacks in looks, she makes up for in wit and confidence. A particular thorn in Hera’s flesh, she has revealed several displeasing facts about the company and isn’t going to stop. She has a passion for calling out the government and big companies whenever they are in the wrong, like when they introduce unfair policies or owe workers’ wages. Whenever on TV, she is known to appear in very bright and colorful outfits, and this kind of makes her stand out among other reporters. Like a lot of people inBannica, she smokes weed too, particularly because it helps her get through the stress of pursuing leads and missing sleep several nights in a row. Whenever she’s free, she likes to go a club and perform karaoke while mildly drunk.