For many years, Shiloh and his gang terrorized a small city called Spearlake City. He was not even one of the top commanders of the gang, but his loyalty and commitment to the gang could not be rivaled by anyone. He used to be an amateur boxer and a gambler until some of the guys he owed money cut off his hand. Since he could not fight anymore, he resorted to begging on the streets but even then, he could barely afford to feed himself. Then one day, he was approached by a member of the gang who asked if he would like to join them. Of course, he did. After Spearlake City’s authorities realized they could not handle the gang alone, they requested help from neighboring cities that had far more sophisticated weapons and better-trained cops. In no time, the gang was disbanded, with the high-ranking member either killed or imprisoned. Luckily for Shiloh, he was one of the few who escaped. His new mission is to hunt down those who took his hand one by one and break their hands with his favorite weapon – a club with spikes on the end.