Rosru belongs to the same clan as Kabuti. He’s a lower prestige but not one of the lowest either, he is rising quickly to be one of Kabuti's right hand man. Any job Kabuti doesn't want for any reason, or he doesn't have time for Rosru will do it. Rosru looks like an attractive boy, tall and thin, many women become fascinated with his presence. His style is fashionable, he loves shiny things, that's why it's not weird that he loves diamonds. He feels they make him shine.
    His trident is inherited, he has no means of using it for dirty jobs, he is cynical, he does not feel any emotion when it comes to doing his job. He does not change his trident, because none shines like that.
    There are many rumors about Rosru. Some say he has no face, others say he’s an extremely attractive man, regardless of the rumors, nobody turns off his shine and style