Rocco was abandoned in the circus when he was a child for being someone peculiar, he had been there for a long time so he was already used to mistreatment, both from the owners and from the public. He was seen as a phenomenon, a monster, the attraction head of the circus, but he didn't care, he was used to it.

    Then a new member of the circus arrived, a girl named Oakley, she was also someone peculiar. But unlike Rocco, she still had a sparkle in her eyes, she was innocent, young and very optimistic, she was light, she was everything Rocco ever was.
    Rocco couldn't let that light go out. So for several weeks he devised a plan for her to escape from the circus, but what he didn't expect was that she asked him to leave together.

    Now, they are both looking for a better home, and they may not be family by blood, but by heart.