A rap duo formed in the streets of a cyberpunk, mutant, dystopia, Rhythm and Melody use their music to entertain citizens and fight the rule of the "authority". They own an underground club built just outside the city. Rhythm's mutant abilities allow him to produce any type of music, psychologically influence those around him and control them through the vibrations of the music. Melody has a similar power, but where Rhythm can physically control people, Melody's powers allow her to inspire and hype up the crowd, giving them enough strength and power to do whatever they desire. Combined, Rhythm and Melody are often hunted by the Authority as valuable assets to the "cause". Rhythm is the levelheaded love, who spends all his time making music and hanging out with his girlfriend, Melody. He's often the mediator but can be a little spacey. Melody is the tempered, passionate leader. She practices her singing any time she can, but always has time for Rhythm. She starts the most fights and can always finish them. Rhythm and Melody grew up as orphans together in the slums of their city. The two would prowl the streets in search of unsuspecting victims to fall prey to their "shows". Melody would sing and dance while Rhythm snaked the few dollars and cents any one of these chumps had, and no one would be any the wiser until the duo was already halfway gone! Although neither Rhythm or Melody knew exactly where they came from, they never really cared, as they believed they would only ever need each other. However, as they grew older and started to take notice of the way their world worked, they found it harder and harder to slip under the radar of the “authority”, eventually landing them trouble. When the two were teenagers, they were eventually caught mugging the wrong guy, an undercover officer looking for petty criminals to bust. As the two ran from the police cars and drones, they found themselves at the edge of the cliff overlooking the toxic waste dump of their city. As the drones drew near, they two decided it would be better to die than become pawns in the government's game. They held on tightly to one another as they stepped off, plummeting down into the toxic lake. However, their plan didn't go as they had thought. Instead of death they were met with a new life. The two were mutated and gained the powers they use to this day.