Mavrik is a confident and selfish werewolf with a vision to control everything. At first his desire was to take over the world in which he was born, he felt so superior to others that he thought that the world deserved to be governed by him.
    But his dream was propelled when he met his current girlfriend, a renowned astronomer, human, and with a baby on the way before meeting Mavrik. She taught him to see beyond his own planet, and encouraged him to broaden the horizons of his dream, showing him that there was a whole universe full of planets out there. If he was going to be the King of the universe, he wanted her to be his Queen.
    That was what he wanted. She too. But the mysteries of the universe could be dangerous for her and her baby, so they both preferred that she stay and support Mavrik from a distance, reminding him that she will always love him and that in the future they will be able to travel all over the universe together.
    Mavrik left to take over the world, but not before promising to return, and then he braided all of his hair as a symbol that he is bound to her even though they are light years away.