Lizzy is from a corrupted, dark and scarred futuristic city, where everyone and everything is controlled by a small group of maniacal billionaires called "The Five" who seek to "own everything". The city is littered with hidden vents which constantly spew a mind control gas created by The Five, who use it to takeaway all of the civilians' free will, which they see as a threat. The Five also have an army of drones and sentry robots at their disposal to monitor the city. Lizzy is part of a resistance group who call themselves "The Masked Rebels" who wear specially designed respirators which nullify the effects of the mind control gas. Lizzy, along with the other members ofthe group, is working towards taking down The Five through sabotage and subversion, using the shadows of the cityas protection. Using her lightning fast speed and reflexes, along with her unmatched katana prowess, Lizzy strikes with precision and vanishes from sight before she can be detected.