Initially being a servant in a castle, in charge of taking care of the royal family's lake swans. She was hiding the secret that she had magical powers, specifically, talking to animals.

    Thanks to this ability, she was able to hear interesting stories from the lands that the swans visited during their travels. One of these swans, she told about a wizard who lived in the mountains, who had helped him repair her broken wings.

    The servant, seeking to learn more about her powers, escaped from the castle to meet this magician. But she knew so little about the outskirts of the castle, that she ended up getting lost in her path. Climbing a mountain, she ended up falling, and she was left with injured arms.

    She remained immobile, the only thing she could do was wish to be like her friends, the swans, to be able to fly and visit different places. And with that wish of hers, the magician of the mountains answered her.

    It is said that the magician repaired her ''broken wings'', and the girl travels to this day along with her swan friends as far as the wind guides them.