Izak's head is comprised of a strikingly large eyeball, which can elicit a mix of fascination and unease from those who encounter him. Positioned above this eye is a prominent, bushy unibrow that contributes to his unique appearance. Izak often dons a hat, which varies from a sophisticated fedora to a casual beanie, depending on his current disposition.

    Izak has a unique fashion sense that is daring and experimental. He likes to mix patterns, colors, and textures in creative and unexpected ways. Despite his unconventional style, people are drawn to him because of his charming personality.

    Izak is also a skilled conman who can persuade others to see things his way. He is a master of communication and knows how to use his natural charisma to his advantage. However, he is fiercely loyal to his friends and will do whatever it takes to protect them.

    Izak is a visual learner, which means he is particularly good at remembering images and scenes. He has a photographic memory that allows him to recall details with incredible precision. This talent makes him an excellent problem solver and enables him to analyze complex situations with ease.