Hanita is an elderly woman from Blumore who loves telling stories about the past to just about anyone she comes across. She lives with her adopted grandson, Kirby, who lost his parents when he was little. Hanita’s daughter, who was Kirby’s mother, died in an accident with her husband, a long time ago. Hanita owns and runs an inn on the outskirts of the city, with the help of her grandson; the inn is usually patronized by tourists and visitors to the city. Hanita is known and loved for her generosity and kindness, which usually leaves everyone who visits her in impressed and happy. She is protective of her grandson, even though deep inside her, she knows he is capable of dark and terrible things. She believes he can be guided with love, which is why she hid the fact that he was adopted from him, because she fears what that knowledge might do to him, and what would become of him when she eventually passes on.