High Frequency Media Group is a cannabis-themed media conglomerate that covers the latest news and trends in the world of cannabis. Its flagship news program is called "The Resin Report," which provides in-depth coverage of the cannabis industry, from legalization efforts to new strains and products.

In addition to "The Resin Report," High Frequency Media Group also produces a variety of other programs, including "Breaking Bud," a fast-paced news show that covers breaking stories in the cannabis world, and "Live and Loaded," a talk show that features interviews with top cannabis industry leaders and personalities.

To keep audiences up-to-date on the latest trends and products, High Frequency Media Group also produces "The Daily Toke," a daily news brief that delivers the top cannabis stories of the day in a quick and easy-to-digest format.

For those who prefer their news in audio format,High Frequency Media Group offers "Live and Loud," a daily radio show that covers the latest cannabis news and features live interviews with industry leaders and experts.

To help consumers navigate the often-confusing world of cannabis products,High Frequency Media Group produces "Daily Dose," a video series that reviews different strains and products, providing detailed information on their effects and benefits.

And for those who want a no-nonsense take on the cannabis industry, there's "The Blunt Truth," a weekly opinion show that features lively discussions and debates on the latest issues and trends in cannabis.

To bring all of these different programs together ,High Frequency Media Group operates the "Joint Broadcast Network," a multi-channel platform that streams all of its programs live and on-demand.