Elysia, the mischievous wildcard, is energetic, curious, and impulsive. She does what she likes and when she's bored, she moves on immediately. Elysia is often the first contact with the target, who uses her Succubus abilities to distract them while Pandora finishes the job. She's lived in Hell for a very long time, so long that she also doesn't remember much of her life before. Not that she really cares, she loves her life in Hell. As a successful lingerie designer, she wasn't really expecting to fall into the bounty hunter business. Fate had other plans. She is much more of an opportunist than she lets on, with the goal of gaining as much power as possible to eventually overthrow and rule Hell. Elysia's attachment to Pandora is the driving force in willingness to fight for her partner. Bordering on obsession, the love she has for Pandora pours into inspiration for her designs. Pandora is truly Elysia's muse.


    Pandora, the confident assassin, is strong, calculated, and driven in her decisions. She never does anything twice, as it's always done right the first time. Pandora's job is to carry out the logistics of a mission and steer her partner in the right direction in order to efficiently take out their target. Her true origins are unknown, as she has no recollection of a life before hell. The one thing she remembers in a vague pain in her chest, and a man's voice that said, "Come and find me." As a Succubus, she had to force her way through bounty hunting, to shatter the expectation that lower demons are weak. Pandora doesn't stop moving and sees no reason to stray from her ultimate goal: avenging her own death by finding her killer. However, as much as she doesn't want to admit it, Pandora has no idea what she's actually doing. She relies on Elysia to help motivate and guide her towards power. She never says it, but she truly loves and appreciates her partner.

    One night in her office, Elysia was designing a new line of lingerie that would give the demons who wore them intense strength and power, a secret project she'd been developing for years. Somehow, a superior demon found out and decided Elysia had become a liability. Pandora was assigned to the mission but faltered when she laid eyes on Elysia. Her beauty, her passion, her love of creation in a place as damaged and destructive as Hell fascinated Pandora. Instead, she defected from the agency and assassinated her client. Pandora waited and watched Elysia for months, assuming she was undetected. Elysia, however, was not so naive, and reciprocated this fascination. Eventually, Elysia confronted Pandora and the two instantly fell in love. Pandora explained everything, and the two developed a bond. The whole situation inspired Elysia to start her own revolution, using the skills of Pandora to her advantage. Now, they hunt, gaining more and more power until their goals are complete