Derius is a young tourist whose life has been a long vacation ever since his parents died. His parents were into real estate; they owned a number of houses and hotels while they were alive, and so Derius grew up in wealth and comfort. His parents made sure both he and his sister, Kamil, never lacked anything. However, after their parents’ mysterious deaths, the siblings have been selling of their properties one after the other to fund their extravagant lifestyles. The continued this, until they sold off all their parents’ properties, save for one hotel. The hotel had been in the family for long, and their grandparents had handed it over to their father after his graduation from business school. However, when their grandmother realized that they were selling off all their parents’ properties, she quickly moved to take over management of the hotel, until her death, that is. This forced Derius and his sister to go back to the hotel, as it was their only remaining source of livelihood, which they cannot sell.