Part 3

  • “What if we took that money, Rhythm? We’d be halfway gone before they realize anything.”
    “No no no no no no no! Melody, you are not causing any trouble tonight. We already made enough money from the club and tomorrow is another day to make more money.”
    “Rhythm, that money is definitely not clean money. Come on, we were literally just talking about being well off some minutes ago, and look what the universe brought our way. Come on, Rhythm. Baby?”
    After a few seconds of going back and forth, Melody finally succeeded in winning Rhythm over.
    They used their abilities on everyone, took the money from the deal, and disappeared.
    After about half an hour, Commander Pugz and his men came back to their senses but it was too late. They couldn’t trace Rhythm and Melody and only remembered what happened to the point where they heard beats and music playing. As expected, Gazzuzz was more than furious after hearing what happened.
    “What do you mean the money was stolen?” Gazzuzz’s voice echoed throughout his office.
    “Boss…we…I don’t—”
    “Will you stop stammering and talk to me, you dimwit!”
    “Sir, the last we remember is that two people started singing and we just lost it.’’
    “Now, you listen carefully. Either you get me those two or I will have your heads rolling before me in 5 minutes. Do you understand me?”
    “Yes, boss.”
    Commander Pugz and his boys went back to the scene of the incident and searched the entire place but could not find Rhythm and Melody. They might have had some luck if only they remembered the faces of the duo. All they knew was that they were musicians. After days of unrelenting search, they finally got a lead when they encountered a middle-aged resident in the area and asked him if he knew anything.
    “You might be looking for the owners of the underground club I visit sometimes.” The man said.
    Really? Could you give us the address of the club and tell us when they open?” Commander Pugz asked.
    The man gave him the information they needed and immediately, he mobilized his men. They located the club and laid an ambush for Rhythm and Melody that night. After the club closed, the couple walked out of the club, oblivious to what was lying in wait for them.
    “Today was good, Rhythm, but not as good as the other day when we robbed those guys.”

  • “Sshh! Don’t mention that; someone might hear you.” Rhythm whispered while making a gesture as if to tell her to shut up.

    “What exactly is your problem, Rhythm? You’re too timid. You’re the man in this relationship, you’re supposed to be bolder than I am but you always want to play safe. This? What we do isn’t a safe game, ok? You’re supposed to be the one coming to me with ideas but it’s the other way around. Do you see what that money we stole from those guys helped us become so fast? When will you wake up?” Melody let out all of her feelings.
    “Calm down, babe. We don’t have to go about becoming nuisances just because we have the powers we have. The club’s doing just fine and it’s unsuspecting. If we continue to snake money off people, it won’t be long before we end in trouble. The guys you talked about; do we know who they are? What if they’re some dangerous people? Who knows if they’re even on to our tail right now? We’ve got to play safe too.”

  • Unknown to them, Commander Pugz was quietly following them in the shadows and he heard everything they said.
    Suddenly, Rhythm and Melody were shot with tranquilizers and taken hostage. By the time they woke up, they found themselves tied to a chair and blindfolded.
    Commander Pugz had briefed Gazzuzz on the duo’s abilities and it sparked an interest in Gazzuzz.
    “You’re awake, I see.” Gazzuzz said.
    “Who are you and where are we?” Rhythm asked.
    “You stole my money and you dare ask me who I am?”
    “Huh, I’m sorry but you lied there, Mr. whomever you are. We didn’t steal your money, sir. Technically, we just took it.”
    Gazzuzz moves closer to them and removes their blindfolds.
    “I see you’ve got balls. Very few people can pull one over Commander Pugz here, but you managed to pull that off seamlessly when you ‘just took’ my money, just like that.” Gazzuzz snapped his fingers as he spoke. “You’re quite interesting, both of you.”
    “Commander Pugz? Babe, do you know which of them he’s talking about?”
    “I think it’s the guy who led the team that night. The one with a face like a bulldog.”
    “Yeah, it’s definitely the dog face”
    Rhythm and Melody whispered loudly between themselves, much to Gazzuzz’s annoyance.
    “Shut up! As I was saying—"
    “Sorry to cut you short there, dog face’s boss.”
    “Dog face’s boss?” Gazzuzz muttered to himself; he looked at Commander Pugz as if to confirm. Commander Pugz held up his phone to examine his face.
    “I don’t really look like a bulldog.” He muttered to himself.
    “Did you know dog face dances pretty well? I mean, the other night, he was seriously shaking and twerking his butt when my girl sang; it was more like he was dancing like a male stripper in a club.”
    “Hey dog face, you ever worked as a stripper in a club before? You could really pass for one, you know. We happen to run a pretty fun club, so when you get fired from this job, why don’t you consider coming to work for us at the club? We’ll pay you well.” Rhythm said and winked at Commander Pugz. The couple could see no way out of their situation so they resulted to humor; if this was how they were going to die, then they were going to have fun till the very end.

    Gazzuzz was gradually growing impatient; he knew a brutal demonstration was the only way these idiots would take him seriously. So, he had his men bring in another scapegoat who had stolen from him just some days before. He wasted no time bringing out his gun and shooting the scapegoat in the head.
    Rhythm and Melody watched in terror as the man dropped down dead.
    “Now you know better than to mess with me with your stupid jokes.” Gazzuzz echoed
    Rhythm started using his powers.
    “Hold up, ‘cause that’s sad and you’re about to go mad, you be losing your mind…”
    “Shut up!” 
    Gazzuzz screamed at them and pointed a gun attempting to shoot. He was getting frustrated.
    “What did I just say about your stupid displays? Keep it down, will you? We don’t have kids here.” Gazzuzz said, trying not to lose his cool.


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