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  • Part 2

    “Well, I hate to admit it but you’re right. That said, we’ve done enough work for the day. Let’s grab something to eat and head home; we have to prepare for tomorrow night’s work.”
    The lovers grabbed dinner and went home.
    The following morning, Melody was still in bed, while Rhythm was preparing to go out.
    “Babe, babe.” Rhythm tapped Melody’s feet gently.
    “Wake up, babe.”
    “Huh? What are you doing? It’s still so early in the morning. Where are you going?” Melody asked, her eyes half opened.
    “I know but I have to go and get the drinks we’ll need at the club later tonight. I was told to come later in the day but I’m leaving now to practice my beats. You should practice too.
    “Yeah, yeah, I know. Just let me sleep some more.”
    “I’ll see you soon.” Rhythm said as he moved over and kissed her on the forehead.

    The room is filled with liquor and smoke. Gazzuzz sat comfortably thinking of his long-time dream of becoming a drug lord - leaving these small deals for bigger ones. He had a very rough childhood, and that played a big role in shaping him into the man he is now. His father constantly beat him and his mum, until one day he decided he would not take it anymore. Aged just 13, young Pablo slit his father’s throat in his sleep. He spent a few years in juvie and came out a hardened young man. Gazzuzz has a huge physique, with many scars scattered all over his body. Most are from the many fights he has gotten into; some from knife cuts, some bottle cuts, and one from a gunshot wound. He is one of the big dogs of the criminal world in the whole of Blumore and the entire Bannica. He deals in all kinds of illegal activities from drug trafficking to human trafficking, bribery, and corruption. He’s arguably the largest producer of cannabis in the entire Bannica and he also has an army of mercenaries for hire. Gazzuzz has men in every area and has never been arrested. All the higher-ups in the realm of power have come to seek his help in winning or keeping their seats one way or the other.
    Gazzuzz was having a conversation over the phone with one of his many clients with a tobacco stick in his mouth.
    “My men will have the goods there at the exact time of agreement. You had better not fail me this time and don’t even think of pulling any pranks on me, else, you will have your head off your tiny neck.”
    “I wonder why you call them your clients when they’re only working for you, sir.” Commander Pugz, Gazzuzz’s right-hand man, said.
    “Pugz, I supply their goods and they pay me whatever amount I deem fit or ask for. What does that make them? My clients. Get ready, you’re leading the team tonight.”
    “Yes, boss.” Commander Pugz turns to take his leave but Gazzuzz calls him back.
    “Yes, boss.”
    “No mistakes, and no delay. You know the address and the time; give me a clean job tonight.”
    “You do not need to worry, boss.”
    Gazzuzz nodded satisfactorily.

    It was time for the club to open and Rhythm and Melody were busy making that happen.
    “I really hope we make a lot of money today.”
    “Me too.” Melody replied.
    “The guy who was our last victim must have been really shocked by the time he found out what happened to him. He probably cursed himself for not having his car around that night.” Melody said.
    “Aren’t you over that? Do you know how many people we do that to almost every day? At some point in life, we all get scammed.”
    Before long, the customers started coming in.
    “Alright, it’s ‘go’ time; we have people to attend to.” Rhythm said.
    “—And money to make.” Melody added
    In the club’s general hall, a crowd of drunk, young people were banging their bodies to Rhythm and Melody’s song. The VVIP room was filled with young millionaires ready to get wasted on drink and music.
    Rhythm, through his psychological abilities, had maintained dominance in the club with his music. Melody, on the other hand, was in charge of the dancers and liquor business well; they were quite the match.
    That evening, the crowd at the club was more than expected and the club opened until around 4 in the morning. Rhythm and Melody put their abilities to use more than they had done since they began operating the club; Rhythm’s beats were on fire and Melody’s songs and dance moves made the clubbers much more energetic than ever. Within a short while, their pockets were filled with so much money.
    “Today was fun!” Melody said.
    “Yeah, I couldn’t agree more; we had a lot of people and you outdid yourself. Did you see how hyped those guys were?”
    “Yeah, I know. We’ve to work harder tomorrow. If things continue like this, we’ll be well off on our own in no time.” Melody responded.
    They had only walked a few meters when they came across two cars, packed and facing each other. Turned out Gazzuzz’s deal was going down in their neighborhood.
    “What’s going on there?” Melody asked in a whisper.
    “It’s none of our business. Let’s just go.” Rhythm turned in the direction of their house.
    “Wait.” Melody dragged Rhythm to a dark corner where they continued to watch what was going on.

  • “Isn’t it weird for these people to be here at this hour? Black cars with tinted windows, men with hard faces, and briefcases standing right in front of each other. Don’t you see? It’s like in the movies we watch. A deal is about to take place, Rhythm, might be a drug deal.”
    “If what you just said is what’s really going on here, then that’s all the more reason why we need to get out of here fast. What if they start shooting at each other?”
    “Oh, we’re not leaving till it’s over.” Melody said.
    The duo watched until they saw Commander Pugz’s men receiving a bag from their client. He opened the bag to confirm the content and, when he was satisfied, he brought out another briefcase containing money which he handed over as payment. Rhythm and Melody opened their eyes wide in surprise when they saw the money.

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