The time in which man created and innovated passed, his times of growth and heyday ended in the year 2800, the selfishness of the human being created his decline, the only thing that remains are vestiges of his creations as well as beings who are in charge to survive and collect pieces of a past that was desperately devious in its very glory.

Athenea is found in this setting, ironically bearing the name of a deity that alluded to wisdom.

For her as for the rest of the beings, surviving in a world that falls apart is her way of life.

But even in the midst of all this not very encouraging scenario, small glimmers of joy can be found.

Athenea, who grew up in a group of survivors who were dedicated to collecting technology and exchanging it for any type of viberes, learned that the knowledge lost among millions of files, documents, writings, recordings and endless holograms would allow her to learn what was what made the world end in such a poor state. A world in which water is the only resource that matters, daily food in certain areas is considered a luxury and man has been inhumanized to preserve his own existence.  

In this world there are no longer societies, only "tribes" that are dedicated to specific tasks depending on the geographical  location in which they are found, these tribes were created by survivors who settled in areas free of radiation or where electrical components were not seen.

There are hostile areas where the most advanced A.I. took places as their own, technology that got out of the hands of its creators to give way to a new way of life, "The metallics" they call them among the tribes.

For Athenea, living and adapting in this ecosystem became something everyday, but her adventure did not begin until what she calls "Vis" came into her hands, a small robot whose function is to read, reproduce and adapt all kinds of formats to be able to transmit it in any type of format, its name comes from the Vis-10n manufacturing series, during the glorious age of man shared all kinds of content through this small robot, which was designed to have perpetual energy through particle collectors that it converts into Energy.

"Vis" in turn is designed to follow its owner, it has a large lens through which it can record, transmit and observe the environment, four legs that allow it to move freely, a pair of speakers that transmit and They emit audios, the Al of this little girl is designed to adapt to its owner and learn from its little ones to know if it is in any kind of risk.