Alien Inferno

Cator is a truck driver at Bannazon and is responsiblefor carrying out several deliveries each day. He is so passionate about his work that one would think he owns a share in the company. Cator's reason for being so passionate is far from imaginable – he has a crush on Hera, CEO of Bannazon! He had been admiring her on social media platforms before eventually getting to see her briefly in person when he went for his job interview. Hera’s look blew his mind. He then made up his mind that he was going to work his ass off until he eventually catches her attention and get to have a conversation with her. That is most likely never going to happen though, as Hera never stoops so low to talk with mere workers as she usually calls them. Cator also works for Metalban as a delivery driver. Usually making deliveries between Bannica and Twix, driving his superspace jet, and sneaking illegal products on the side.

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