Dark Knight & Amnesia's Adventures Part 2

Dark Knight & Amnesia's Adventures Part 2


Dark Knight went to wake up Baby D, and then he started to get ready for his day.

While Amnesia was getting his car ready to head to town, he made a list of all the things he needed to get and made sure he didn't forget something.

On their way to the city, Dark Knight remembered that he needed to check up with an old friend he promised to meet next time he'll be there.

Dark Knight: “There is this girl I’ve known back in the old day, she texted me last week and asked me to let her know next time I'll be downtown, so do you think we can squeeze this in our schedule?” 

Amnesia: “Well, after I get my shit you're free to do whatever you want Dark Knight, just know that I will not stick around for a while and will need to get back home to test my new shit.”

Dark Knight: “Deal”

It was a sunny day in Bannacis and it seemed that everyone was outside enjoying their day. Dark Knight and Amnesia were too high to deal with anyone in the morning so they decided to go directly to the new shop.

Since this is a new shop, they didn't have the exact location of it so they had to look around for some time and potentially ask some other people which we both know that they won't -They would rather stay lost than ask for directions.

After a while, Dark Knight spotted a weed sign out of a distance and asked Amnesia to check there.

The sign says: “Bannaweed* a brand new Alchemy Cannabis shop welcomes everyone in town!”

Dark Knight: “That must be our place!”

Upon entering the shop, you can smell an irresistible weed smell.

Amnesia: “That shit is lit man and we haven't even entered yet!”

The shop was filled with all kinds of marijuana strains for Dark Knight and all types of alchemical substances and materials for Amnesia’s workshop. There was also a section called “Weed Dinner Tasting” for customers to test some of the strains.

Dark Knight: “WOW! This is my new favorite spot. I can see myself coming here more often.”

Amnesia: “that is indeed a fine shop with a variety of materials and strains, very interesting and good. I wonder who works here since I haven't seen a single soul.”

Just after Amnesia finished his sentence, a beautiful sexy woman with those devilish red horns came out of nowhere.

???: “Welcome welcome to our brand new shop Bannaweed, we’re happy to have you here. How can we help you today?”

To his shock, Dark Knight recognized the voice and turned to see that this was the old friend he was talking about.

Dark Knight: “Honey?? What are you doing here????”

Honey: “Oh who do we have here, my old pal Dark Knight. I'm working here now, I told you when we last talked that I moved here so I needed a job, and here I am.”

Amnesia stood there while waiting for himself to be introduced.

Amnesia: “Ehm Ehm, well well well, is this your “good old friend”? She's definitely something.”

Dark Knight: “Now now Amnesia, take it easy on here. Honey, this is my best pal, Amnesia. We live together outside the city.”

Honey: “Nice to meet you old man. Seems like you are into witchcraft, am I right?”

Amnesia: “If that is what you call it, then yes I am.”

Honey: “You came to the right place, we got everything you need here.”

After a short silence, Honey suggested helping them find what they are looking for today.

Amnesia: “I think we’ll be fine for now, if we need your assistance, we will surely call for you.”

Dark Knight: “Oh come on Amnesia, let her help us. Besides, Honey and I surely have a lot to catch up on.”

Amnesia: “Well, don't mind me. I just need to grab my stuff and go back home. Some of us have stuff to take care of. So you can stay and hang out with her after if you want.”

After Honey helped Amnesia get his materials for his workshop and some weed strains to try, she gave them a discount for the old good day and insisted that next time they come, they should hang out with all three of them after her shift.

Amnesia went back home while Dark Knight spent the rest of the day with Honey in the shop.

Dark Knight: “So how has it been going with you Honey, we haven't seen you in a long time.”

Honey: “Well, you know, a lot has been going on and I had to move out of my hometown, but I am happier here for sure. I found this cool job, I get to smoke whenever I want, I get paid well and I live just around the corner. Life is good now.”

Dark Knight: “That's actually good to hear, I'm happy to hear that.”

Honey: “How about you? How did you end up with that old wizard? Are you into old men now or what?”

Dark Knight: “It seems you haven't lost your humor touch silly. He's just my best bud and we live together as I told you. He makes sure I don't lose my shit, somehow. He's a good pal, trust me, you just need to give him a chance.”

Honey: “Well, if you say so. Enough about that, for now, you know I texted you to meet me today for a reason. I needed to talk to you”

Dark Knight: “Oh yeah sure, what’s up? I'm all ears.”



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